Research & Ideas

Schools and the ways in which their buildings might be better utilised is one of our current areas of interest. In particular, we are interested in the way the curriculum can be used to teach pupils how buildings work by enabling them to conduct post-occupancy evaluations of their own schools and supply the design team with the data. Also, we are trying to forge better links between academics seeking to understand what makes a good learning environment and pupils themselves. There is more about this here.

Our other area of development is an alternative to Climate Based Daylight Modelling which we think better communicates useful information in the early stages of design. And it’s quicker.

We are actively seeking pro bono work in disadvantaged areas of the world. We like to design and assemble things ourselves and welcome the opportunity to put our practical skills to use.  Please get in touch if you have a project in mind.

A book, bringing pleasure of understanding natural phenomena to a young audience, is pending. And here is our Physicist of the moment.